Lib printWin - Print & Preview for [x]Harbour

Create, convert reports. Preview, PDF or print, without utility, directly from your application, Harbour, xHarbour, console or graphics.

Use with 1 of 11 integrated providers: FastReport (FRH, FRX), Xailer, Fivewin, HMG, Minigui, ooHG, HbQt, PageScript, Hwgui, Win32prn.

Report conversion:
Create reports more easily via code (Class/Functions), without files, CHRs. Control the integrated resources dynamically. Support for PrintWin entry points.
Merge creation and conversion of one or more PRN/TXT files into single document (preview, print or PDF).
  • Document definition: size and orientation (horizontal/vertical) of the paper, duplex, print quality.
  • Text/Font: names, sizes, bold, italic, underline, rotation, colors.
  • Image, drawing rectangle and lines, styles, color fill and line.
  • Print Preview. Printer selection window: (under analysis...)
Specific to some providers:
  • Matrix Printing Component - FastReport (FRX/FRH).
  • Export direct reports: Fivewin (PDF), HbQt (PDF), FastReport (PDF, HTML, RTF, XML, XLS).
  • Modify preview property/behavior: Xailer, FastReport, ooHG, Minigui, PageScript.
Special PrintWin:
  • Character conversion/accentuation.
  • Entry points (PE), similar to events. Allow global settings, change PrintWin and specific patterns per report.
  • Automatic page break. Automatic selection of printers PDF/XPS/Generic. Search for printers by mask and more ...
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FastReport - Recibo printing + conversion PRN. view full source
PageScript - Darf. view full source
Xailer - Recibo printing + conversion PRN.
HMG - Recibo printing + conversion PRN.
HbQt - Recibo printing + conversion PRN.
Hwgui - Demonstrativo pagamento.
Win32prn - Demonstrativo pagamento.
More examples in the forum... (log in)
  • FastReport
  • HbQt
  • Xailer
  • PageScript
  • Fivewin
  • HMG
  • Minigui
  • ooHG
  • Hwgui
  • Win32prn
  • Includes:
    • LIB, documentation (PDF) and practical examples of PrintWin.
    • 1 month of support via forum.
    • 3 or 12 months of support via forum.
    • Custom preview.
    • Possibility of new features, integrations with the provider, and customizations for your applications.
    Separate distribution for integration and control with single provider.
    Integration PrintWin with each provider is 100% with the official and original version, without using or modify any source code of it.
    If you do not have the tool (provider), then you will have to get it with the developer.
    Tool / Provider Features integrated with PrintWin
    Tool / Provider License Compiler Preview, Print Export Font: sizes, bold, italic, colors, rotation Image, line drawing and rectangle
    Xailer (facebook) Commercial (site, download) Harbour Yes No Yes Yes
    FastReport - FRX (Ignacio), DLL (run time) Commercial (site, download) [x]Harbour Yes PDF, XLS, RTF, XML, HTML Yes Yes
    FastReport - FRH (Sergey), DLL (run time) Commercial/Discontinued [x]Harbour Yes PDF, XLS, RTF, XML, HTML Yes Yes
    Fivewin, DLL (run time) Commercial/Free (site) [x]Harbour Yes PDF Yes Yes
    HMG (Roberto Lopez) Free/Open source Harbour Yes No Yes Yes
    Minigui Extended Edition (project derived from HMG) Free/Open source [x]Harbour Yes No Yes Yes
    ooHG (OOP, project derived from HMG) Free/Open source [x]Harbour Yes No Yes Yes
    HbQt (QtContribs), DLLs (run time) Free/Open source Harbour Yes PDF Yes Yes
    PageScript, DLL (run time) Free/Discontinued [x]Harbour Yes No Yes Yes
    Hwgui Free/Open source [x]Harbour Yes No Yes (no text rotation) Yes
    Win32prn Native compiler [x]Harbour Print only No Yes (no text rotation) Yes
    Do you want to use PrintWin with native preview/print Marinas-gui, derived Qt or xBase++/Alaska? contact Applications in Visual xHarbour, Marinas-gui, console, or Qt derivatives, can also typically use some of the providers listed above with PrintWin.
  • Payment via Paypal.
  • Prices in Euros and already with discount of 25% or 10% (limited time).
  • 1 month of support included. Optional (extended), total of 3 or 12 months. It is not charged now, I will request later.
  • Lib PrintWin for
    Optional: Extended support (not paid now)